Why Regina? questions the common misconceptions about our city. Instead of asking Why Regina? we want you to ask yourself, Why Not Regina? This dynamic campaign invites you to step back and look at all the great things our city has to offer.

As Reginian’s, we are often humble and don’t take the time to celebrate our contributions on a provincial, national and global scale. We are kind of a big deal and we have the facts to tell that story.

From large scale manufacturing to our vibrant and growing entrepreneurial ecosystem, Regina has it all. We can compete on a global scale with our exports, but also support our long-standing local businesses.

Why Regina? is about community supporting community. Together we can strengthen our businesses, elevate our profile, and build the thriving city, other cities envy.

We challenge you to re-introduce yourself to all the diverse and unique things Regina has to offer. By getting out and (safely) enjoying the city, you are supporting your neighbours and friends, keeping money in our economy and having fun all at the same time!

It’s time we remind ourselves why we live, work, eat, and shop here. It’s time we take back the title of the City everyone loves and show everyone, Why Regina?